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hypnosis hypnotherapy berlin

You are looking for help and think about a hypnosis therapy in English in Berlin?

Fears and worries are nothing unusual in our time. Through hypnosis and hypnotherapy we help our clients deal with the challenges of everyday life and enjoy their lives again.


For over 10 years I have been working in my practice in Berlin and offer my clients wholeheartedly strong techniques that have helped many people deal with their challenges in life and turn them into strong opportunities.


I stand for hypnosis with a heart, authenticity and expertise and I am happy to be there with and for you!


Kathrin Keller

Psychologist and naturopath (psychotherapy)

Kathrin Keller Hypnotherapie in Berlin

Your easy way to get in touch with your hypnosis in Berlin:

hypnosis hypnotherapy berlin

Get in touch:

Simply drop an e-mail and ask for  a first free consultation on the phone, in which we can go through all the questions you might have.

Kathrin Keller



Learn more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy:

hypnosis berlin

About me:

Growing up close to nature in the beautiful Black Forest, under the stars, I enjoyed a solid school education and eventually followed my heart to the big city, Berlin. A different kind of adventure, inspiration and happiness.


Here I studied psychology, here I learned, fortunately, about hypnotherapy through Dr. Wolfgang Lenk in 2004.


It fascinated me immediately and full-heartedly.


It represented what I had always known somewhere inside, that there lies a solution for our challenges in ourselves, and that we can tap into our unconscious to learn more about who we are and what our path in this life is.


Hypnosis (that I have learnd in German but offering in English in Berlin since many years now) gave me a functioning, well-founded system to implement this knowledge for me and others.

I learnt to heal.


Later on I learned from shamans and medicine men and women from around the world, especially Colombia.

I was allowed to integrate this knowledge into my practice.


Today I combine the wisdom of both worlds.

Since 2003 I have been coaching people in performance, and since 2008 I have also been coaching people with mental disorders through my certification as a non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy (Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie).


I am constantly continuing my education and have recently finished my training at the School of Movement Medicine in England.


In addition to my practice, I teach the methods I have been so blessed to learn. I work as an emergency psychologist and was, among other things, on duty after the terrorist attack in Berlin.


You can reach me at team@kathrin-keller.com

hypnosis berlin

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