Kathrin Keller - Hypnose & Hypnotherapie Berlin
Hier stelle ich mich vor: meine Person, meinen Lebensweg und meine Methoden und meinen Weg zur Hypnotherapie.
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Kathrin Keller Hypnotherapie in Berlin

Dipl.-Psych. Kathrin Keller


Hypnotherapist, relaxation therapist, stress management expert.

Grown up close to nature in the beautiful Black Forest, under the stars, I enjoyed a solid school education and finally followed my heart to the big city, Berlin. Another kind of adventure, inspiration and happiness.

Here I studied psychology, here, fortunately, I got to know the hypnotherapy of Dr. Wolfgang Lenk in 2004.

It fascinated me immediately and totally.

It depicted what I had always suspected, what I had already known and implemented, and gave me a well-ordered, functioning, well-founded system.

After all the (also) difficult years of my childhood and youth, I came into contact with great teachers and systems who helped me to transform all that had burdened and overburdened me.

Hypnotherapy was complemented by relaxation therapy, sound therapy and free dance, especially through Movement Medicine, a system that combines movement with the knowledge of hypnotherapy.

Berlin has changed since I came here in 1999.

It became more international, more cosmopolitan, and with this cosmopolitanism the knowledge of other cultures came to the city.

I learned from shamans and medicine men and women.

I was also allowed to integrate this knowledge into my practice.

Today I am a bridge between these worlds.

I combine science and wisdom, lived knowledge and clear facts.

Since 2003 I have been coaching people in performance situations, since 2008 also people with mental disorders through my recognition as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie).

I am currently in the Apprenticeship Programme of the School of Movement Medicine in England and in training as a company health manager.

In addition to my practical work, I teach the methods given to me for various institutes. I work as an emergency psychologist and was called to help people in various situations, like after the terror attack in Berlin.