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I offer hypnotherapy in Berlin since more than 15 years.


Hypnotherapy, hypnosis therapy and hypnosis have proven in several studies to help with various somatic, psychoneurotic and psychosomatic disorders as well as behavioral problems, or to support the therapeutic process significantly. (Expert opinion on the scientific recognition of hypnotherapy by the Scientific Advisory Board for Psychotherapy of the German Federal Government, Revenstorf, 2003).


Hypnotherapy has already helped many people to master life with more self-confidence and strength and has made many symptoms disappear.


Hypnotherapy is particularly successful because of the use of the healing state of consciousness, which we associate with the alpha waves in the brain. In it we can visualize more easily and communicate with our unconscious with the help of these inner images.

hypnosis berlin

On our way through life, the methods of hypnotherapy and hypnosis help us to realize goals in a targeted and effective way, to find new ways of dealing with situations or symptoms that we perceive as difficult, or even to make them completely superfluous.


The strongest partner in this process, besides us as experperts, is your own unconscious, because there you store an infinite number of helpful and empowering life experiences, skills and resources, which we explore and integrate in our joint work.

Find out how we can help you thrive with hypnotherapy in our practice in Berlin and online.

More about my work at www.movement-medicine.berlin

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