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Ever asked yourself if hypnosis could be something to help you to transform you problems?


Many people come to my practice because they want to be supported by hypnosis.


You are in the right place to get some of the answers you have been looking for.


Great idea!

hypnosisHypnosis is a form of therapy, which


  • deals pragmatically with the problem at hand and looks for solutions instead of discussing the problem at length


  • gives people tools to get through life better, e.g. in the form of home audio recordings, instead of tying them to a therapist for months or years


  • works in a client-centered and customized way, instead of trying to drive all the good out of clients with heavy theory books. there are neither prefabricated scripts nor preconceived opinions about you and your problem in our practice


  • works in a short-term therapeutic way and strives for quick solutions instead of long-winded and opaque therapy procedures. By being solution-oriented and by working with the unconscious, we often see quick results.

We certainly recommend trying different forms of psychotherapy, and hypnosis can be a variant of them.


People often seek help from hypnotherapy when they:


  • feel they are not making progress in their life as they wish to


  • feel they need more everyday support and specific help to deal with their issues


  • want to try something new, because they feel there is a whole world beyond rational thinking


  • are very rational and intuitively know that it is worthwhile to look for answers beyond that


  • want to uncover old feelings


  • want to work with the inner child


  • want to strengthen their performance 


If any of this strikes a key with you, consider to give us a call or shoot us an email. We are here to support you in Berlin and online.

Are you curious?

Shoot us an email or give us a call.


More about my work at www.movement-medicine.berlin www.lebensenergie.online www.hypnotherapie-akademie.de

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