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Seminare und Workshop Hypnotherapie Hypnose Berlin


Seminars are organized and held by ourselves for international teachers.

We hold our seminars in-house and in our practice in Kreuzberg.

You can find the Movement Medicine Workshops here.

Topics of the seminars are: Stress Management, Health Prevention, Hypnotherapy, Sound Therapy, Relaxation Therapy and Embodiment, also as part of a Corporate Health Management.

Semi-annual 7-day basic hypnotherapy course will be held starting in the fall of 2018.

The participation fee is 950,- Euro.

Click here for participant testimonials.

Hypnotherapie Coaching Berlin


In coaching, we reach out to you – and show you effective techniques, tips and tricks on how to master the hurdles of everyday life and unite your strong sides and weak sides into your overall personality: The focus is always on you and your personal goals, professional or private.

Coaching is particularly suitable as preparation for exams, interviews, negotiations and presentations.

Coaching can also be used to strengthen your presence and appearance at work and in everyday life and to make yourself more visible in your own personality.



Therapy is for people with specific difficulties, such as anxiety or depression, unhealthy sleeping and eating habits, or in life phases of intense challenge.

In therapy, you learn to transform the past and redirect your energy into the here and now.

You will be supported in building a positive and livable future for yourself.

The tools and techniques of hypnotherapy are central, and are complemented by talk therapy, bodywork, relaxation therapy and, if you like, spiritual approaches.


Our fees are usually covered by health insurance if you have private insurance or supplementary health insurance.

Normally, clients pay themselves. This has some advantages: There is no record of diagnoses with the health insurance companies and hardly any waiting time, the motivation of self-payers (and thus the success of treatment) is much higher and appointments can be made more flexibly.

Since the therapies we offer are short-term therapies, usually 3 – 6 sessions are scheduled to achieve the desired goals.

ab 39 €

Online course

135 €

60 Minutes Hypnotherapy or Coaching

950 €

Hypnotherapy course

The methods I use are methods of short time therapy and success.

3 – 6 sessions are normally enough to enjoy results.

The fees are mostly paid by your health insurance, if you have a private health insurance or a complementary insurance covering “Heilpraktiker”.

Often, clients pay themselves. This brings a lot of adventages: There is no waiting times, no diagnoses, and a higher motivation.

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