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In several studies hypnotherapy and hypnosis has proven to help with various somatic, psychoneurotic and psychosomatic disorders as well as behavioural disorders and to significantly support the therapeutic process (Revenstorf, 2003).


It has already helped many people to cope with life with more self-confidence and strength!


It is particularly successful through the use of the special state of consciousness that we associate with the alpha waves in the brain. In it we can visualize more easily and communicate with our unconscious with the help of these inner images.

In our lives, the methods of hypnotherapy and hypnosis help us to implement specific and effective goals and to find new ways of dealing with situations or symptoms that are perceived as difficult or even make them completely superfluous.


The strongest partner beside me as your hypnotherapist is your own unconscious, because it is there that you store an infinite number of helpful and strengthening life experiences, competences and resources, which we explore and integrate in our common work.

In this way you begin to recognize your inner self as a potential for strength. With such a strong partner you feel lighter, more grounded, more loved and more powerful.


In my practice I offer hypnosis and hypnotherapy especially in the following cases:


  • anxiety
  • stress symptoms
  • sleeping problems
  • before exams, presentations and interviews
  • for the integration of the inner child and for the integration of stressful life experiences
  • to promote creativity and life skills
  • to help normalize body weight
  • for birth preparation
  • for unfulfilled wishes regarding friends, family and partnership
  • in mourning
  • and the desire for growth and integration

Contact me here to enjoy this method for myself.